The Affiliates
Season Big Brother 1
Members Erika Landin
Helen Kim
April Lewis
Will Kirby
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Defectors Will Kirby
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Lowest Placing Member Erika Landin (5th place)
Highest Placing Member Helen Kim (Winner)
The Affiliates is an alliance in Big Brother 1. It was created in the final 5 of the season, opposed to Chilltown. Soon after it's creation, however, Erika was blindsided by Helen and April and evicted.


  • Erika Landin- Erika was the founder of "The Affiliates" in an attempt to evict the members of Chilltown after they had manipulated the Affiliates all season long.
  • Helen Kim- Helen was a member of The Affiliates who shared the same goals as Erika and April.
  • April Lewis- April was a member of The Affiliates who shared the same goals as Erika and Helen.


The Affiliates was formed in the final 5 when Erika, Helen, and April all realized they weren't members of Chilltown, and that Will and Boogie had tricked them all season. They were formed to defeat and evict Will and Boogie, although, only somewhat successful.


The Affiliates took a quick downfall when Erika and Boogie were nominated and Will won the Veto, taking Boogie off the block. This proved to be very saddening to The Affiliates, as April was forced up on the block. Then, Erika was unanimously evicted.


  • The Affiliates is the third alliance in Big Brother history.