Team JJ
Season Big Brother 1
Members Jackie Ibarra
Jeff Weldon
Lowest Placing Member Jackie Ibarra (12th place)
Highest Placing Member Jeff Weldon (11th place)
Team JJ was a showmance between Jeff and Jackie in Big Brother 1. Although they seemed like a strong power couple, Jeff and Jackie placed 11th and 12th place, respectively.

Jackie won the first HOH of the summer, and that kept Jeff safe. In week two, Jackie was a backdoor target, however, Jeff won the Veto and didn't use it, thus protecting her.

Members Edit

  • Jackie Ibarra- Showmantic partner of Jeff.
  • Jeff Weldon- Showmantic partner of Jackie.

Creation Edit

Team JJ was formed outside of the Big Brother house on the television show, The Amazing Race.

Downfall Edit

The showmance was officially disbanded upon Jackie's eviction in week five.

Trivia Edit

  • Team JJ is the first alliance in Big Brother history.