Season Big Brother 2: Project DNA
Members Brendon Villegas
Rachel Reilly
Nakomis Dedmon
Jeremy McMichen
Joseph McMichen
Aaryn Gries
Janelle Pierzina
Defectors Brendon Villegas
Aaryn Gries
Lowest Placing Member Rachel Reilly (11th place)
Highest Placing Member TBA
Hurricanes is an alliance in Big Brother 2: Project DNA. It was formed on the first week of the game after Brendon Villegas was crowned the first HOH of the summer.


  • Brendon Villegas- Leader of Hurricanes. (defected)
  • Rachel Reilly- Brendon's showmantic partner.
  • Nakomis Dedmon- Close friend of Jeremy in the house.
  • Jeremy McMichen- Close friend of Brenchel and Nakomis in the house.
  • Aaryn Gries- Friend of Rachel in the house. (defected)
  • Joseph McMichen- Twin brother of Jeremy; the rest of the alliance doesn't know he exists.


Upon Brendon winning the first HOH competition, he quickly decided to find some allies to get a general idea of who he will nominate. After he got his core group together, they decided to target the obvious showmance: Jase and Holly. The plan was to put up Jessie and Jase, then take Jessie off the block, then put up Holly. The plan, however, was unsuccessful, and Jase won the Veto. However, they still put up Holly.


  • Upon entering the house, Joseph became an official Hurricanes member.
  • Brendon defected from the Hurricanes after he blamed them for Rachel's eviction.
  • Aaryn defected from the Hurricanes after she formed a small alliance with Holly.