Season Big Brother 1
Members Will Kirby
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Erika Landin
Helen Kim
April Lewis
Defectors Erika Landin
Helen Kim
April Lewis
Lowest Placing Member Mike "Boogie" Malin (4th place)
Highest Placing Member Will Kirby (2nd place)
Chilltown is an alliance in Big Brother 1. It consisted of mainly Boogie and Will, however, there were many affiliates that made it far alongside them. In the final five, the affiliates began to betray Will and Boogie, attempting to evict them, however, Chilltown evaded their eviction until the Final Four, where Boogie and Will were nominated by April, and Helen won POV, and didn't use it. Helen then decided to evict Boogie, sending Will to the final 3. In the final 3, April and Helen made a final 2 deal, however, Will won the final HOH, evicting April. In the finale, Helen beat Will in a 6 to 1 vote, receiving the vote of Boogie to win (Will).


  • Will Kirby- Dr Will is the founder of Chilltown, he placed runner-up.
  • Mike "Boogie" Malin- Boogie is the co-founder of Chilltown, and considered the sheep of Will. He placed 4th.


Chilltown was created the very first day of Big Brother 1 when Will and Boogie found many assets in common with each other. Together, they combined strength - both physically and mentally - and manipulative ability and controlled the house by manipulation.


In the final four of the game, Boogie was, unfortunately, evicted by Helen, thus leaving Will to fend for himself. He, however, gained himself a spot in the finale after winning the final HOH and evicting April, rather than taking vengeance on Helen.


  • Chilltown is the second alliance in Big Brother history.